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One of the defining features of humans is our self awareness and free will.These attributes often lead us to believe we are in total control of our actions and character.

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(Aristotle, 1998) The golden mean is important for humanity because it balances human lives, guides them in necessary direction.

Aristotle is known to be greatly interested in natural studies, and, therefore, he was among the first to realize the importance of the natural balance.

In addition to explaining where humans attain their virtues from, Aristotle also explains what makes different behaviors “virtuous”.

First of all, an individual must have full awareness of the action they are taking and it’s expected outcome.

Aristotle’s Moral Ethics Aristotle’s moral ethics touches the most important issues of the supreme good and the golden mean.

Booth of them are equally important for humanity as the represent the extents of human character, their intentions and deeds.Humans originated from nature, and, therefore, they have to uphold natural balance. Aristotle concludes that the golden mean is naturally important. However, one who deviates from the pattern set by society will be met with resistance and struggle.Aristotle breaks the virtues that we learn into two categories: intellectual virtues and moral virtues.Finally, the action taken by the individual must be taken in following their “own firm and immutable character.” Many small children act correctly under their parents’ watch, but this does not make their actions virtuous.The drive to take virtuous actions must be a part of the person’s character.However, in “The Nicomachean Ethics”, Aristotle argues that individuals are the product of their environments, with their values and ethics shaped by the society in which they live in.Furthermore, he explains that our adherence to these principles is dependent on our upbringing.The person must then deliberately chose to take a virtuous action, rather than have that action forced upon them or happen out of habit.Accidentally helping out someone else would not be viewed as virtuous because the person did not intend or expect to be helpful.


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