Argumentative Essay On Prescription Drugs

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They free ride off taxpayers’ investment in medical research, and they spend more on marketing than on research and development. The Case Against Importation Opponents of importation rebut all five of these arguments, and offer five new arguments against importation.

Let’s start with the rebuttals.(1) Drug prices are not too high.

Importation is an unavoidable and beneficial outcome of changing technology, free trade, and globalization. are paying two and three times, or more, for the same drugs sold in other countries.

Free trade benefits everyone, and governments ought not cave in to special pleading by interest groups seeking to avoid competition or limit consumer choice.(4) Current drug pricing is unfair. So long as importation is illegal, drug companies do not have a strong incentive to press foreign governments to lift their price controls and have their citizens pay their fair share of the cost of discovering new drugs.(5) Drug companies are evil. Their profits are huge and excessive, proof of the lack of competition.

My own opinion is that importation is probably a bad idea, principally on cost-benefit and social justice grounds, but I respect the opinions and concerns that have been raised on both sides.

The Case for Importation Advocates of importation commonly make five arguments:(1) We have to do something.

And while drug companies contribute to Republicans, they also give to Democrats: 39 percent of the industry’s giving from PACs and individuals went to Democrats in 2003-2004, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

And now, switching to offense, here are five reasons to oppose importation.(1) Importation undermines valuable laws and legal precedents.

We know that drugs in Canada typically cost one-third as much as drugs in the U.

S., so there is an obvious opportunity to cut costs and possibly save lives.(2) Canadian drugs are safe.


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