Aqa English Language Percentage Coursework

Aqa English Language Percentage Coursework-61
I think it's enough to get you a B, but I'm not completely sure.I think it's enough to get you a B, but I'm not completely sure. In order to obtain a grade B overall for English Language you must have a total UMS score of 210 - I think.

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Source 1 has used statistics in there article as this makes there text sound more athourative and accurate, since they are backing all of their views and stresses that meat is effecting our everyday life, this enables the reader to understand that “turning vegetarian“ can save our planet and can have a huge benefit to us, soon the reader gains trust in the article and may even support there views.

You can also use the techniques in the exam too (Questions 5 & 6).

For the exam, my teacher insisted we used PEARL for questions 1 - 4.

Source 3 has also used a direct approach, as they have also used a rhetorical question in their personal text: “What were they doing?

” This is used as it makes the reader instantly feel like they are now involved in her journey, as the readers are directly addressed and this makes then wonder more about some of the issues that are raised during her journey, and raises the reader’s curiosity.


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