Antithesis Project

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high social self-efficacy enables a person to be successful in dating). The antithesis is a response to the thesis asserted, a negation of the thesis (e.g.

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“I wanted to engage with how that dealt with the social spirit of The New School, with homelessness,” Smith said.

Lauren Walsh, a part-time journalism professor at Lang who provides feedback to the newspaper, said student-driven projects like the Antithesis are complementary to the school’s overall activist community.

“We’ve always been teaching this, but now there’s sort of a shared language about it,” Walsh said.

Perhaps social self-efficacy is one of the necessary traits for a person to be good in dating, but we also have to consider the person's appearance, personality, and experience to determine if he/she will be successful in dating.

I have positioned the new idea as a synthesis of the thesis-antithesis dyad.


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