Annotated Bibliography Dealing With The Civil War

Annotated Bibliography Dealing With The Civil War-60
Historical Abstracts is a reference guide to the history of the world from 1450 to the present (excluding the United States and Canada, which are covered in America: History and Life, above).Bibliography of British and Irish History provides bibliographic data on historical writing dealing with the British Isles, and with the British empire and commonwealth, during all periods for which written documentation is available - from 55BC to the present.

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Secondary sources may contain pictures, quotes or graphics of primary sources.

Some types of secondary source include: Textbooks; journal articles; histories; criticisms; commentaries; encyclopedias Examples of secondary sources include: America: History and Life is the primary bibliographic reference to the history of the United States and Canada from prehistory to the present.

Within months of President Lincoln’s inauguration, seven southern states began the secession from the Union and declared the Confederate States of America.

This split in the fabric of the country began a bitter war, concluding in the death of more than 750,000 soldiers.

When the South finally surrendered, the Confederacy collapsed, and slavery was abolished.

To understand the conflict, take a look back at the primary documents that highlight decisions of generals, the everyday drudgery of soldiers, and the photographic images of battle.

experience first-hand or participate in the events or conditions you’re researching.

For a historical research project, secondary sources are generally scholarly books and articles.

See Searching the Citation Indexes (Web of Science).

Writing an annotated bibliography, a student needs to conduct intensive research that takes hours upon hours to accomplish.


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