An Essay On Anaxagoras

An Essay On Anaxagoras-86
This volume presents all of the surviving fragments of Anaxagoras' writings, both the Greek texts and original facing-page English translations for each.Generously supplemented, it includes detailed annotations, as well as five essays that consider the philosophical and interpretive questions raised by Anaxagoras.

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He was a friend of Pericles and his ideas are reflected in the works of Sophocles and Aristophanes.

C.) was reportedly the first Presocratic philosopher to settle in Athens.

Being post-Eleatic, Anaxagoras acknowledges the fact that nothing comes into being from non-being, so he adds to his metaphysical theory the stipulation that all things are mixed in with all things.

In other words, nothing comes into being from not being because there is a little of everything mixed in everything else.

In a human body, the part is different from the whole.

When it comes to bone, flesh, and marrow, on the other hand, whole and part are the same.

His metaphysical claim that everything is in everything and his rejection of the possibility of coming to be or passing away are fundamental to all his other views.

Because of his philosophical doctrines, Anaxagoras was condemned for impiety and exiled from Athens.

So, for instance, flesh is a homeomeric substance because a piece of flesh is just a piece of flesh no matter what size.

A human body, however, is not a homeomeric substance because a piece of a human body is not the same as a whole human body.


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