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The Civil War was a war between the North free Two of the most important events in European History are the unifications of Italy and Germany.Both were unified around the same time, and in ways that were both similar and different.(The Sixties, n.d.) As the war crept along the college students protested more and even burnt their draft cards to show their disapproval of the war. U2xg MPld WSo Five Most Important Events in US History D-Day On June 6, 1944, 160 thousand allied (American and British) troops landed on the coastline of Normandy, France.

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The events of these decades shaped the United States into the nation that it is today consist of the Cold War, the Vietnam War, the Watergate Scandal, Reaganomics, and the end of the Cold War.

1950’s – Cold War After World War II, the United States and the Soviet Union emerged as the two new superpowers and as archrivals.

Short essay on an important event on your life Right from my childhood days I had a great desire to fly in an aeroplane.

It always attracted my attention as it flew high up in the air.

I often asked my father to take me for an aeroplane flight. Soon after we reached a big aeroplane, climbed its staircase and went into it. The green meadows and fields looked like green carpets.

It was indeed a great day in my life when my father agreed one day to take me to the aerodrome for a short flight in an aeroplane. After travelling in the air for about an hour the announcer informed us on the mike that we are approaching Agra.

People within the United States felt safe after the war was won and started spending money, having babies and buying new homes in suburban areas away from the big cities.

However, a Senator from Wisconsin by the name of Joe Mc Carthy “entered the public spotlight by claiming that communist had “infested” the State Department, dramatically waiving a sheet of paper which purportedly contained the traitors’ names.” (Schultz, 1999) Joe Mc Carthy shattered the tranquility of a nation with his statements even though he did not have any proof and the names on the list were people who had already left the State Department.

The notion of high-ranking officials within the government having communist ties sent a tide of persecution and witch hunts throughout the United States because people were afraid that the communist were trying to take over by getting communist sympathizers in the United States government.

(Davidson et al., 2005) 1960’s – Vietnam War The Vietnam War was not only a war abroad but also a war at home since many people within the United States believed that we should not be evolved in this war, especially since it was a civil war in Vietnam.


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