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Since these are personal qualities, an essay on these topics is best saved for the second prompt.

What about this quality or accomplishment makes you proud, and how does it relate to the person you are?

(1000 words for both prompts combined)Unlike the first prompt, this essay can be far more personal, and you really shouldn’t detail your participation or membership in a group or community unless it you have achieved something substantial in it (save such topics for the first essay).

The “achievement” doesn’t be some sort of award or high achievement; it just has to be something that provides a compelling platform to discuss yourself.

In fact, the most personalized descriptive stories often can arise from seemingly mundane achievements.

For example, an essay written about your victory at the state tennis championships can obviously be impressive, but an essay discussing your pride at working for three years to rise from fifth to fourth singles on the tennis team and how the work you put into that made you value persistence can be just as good.

The key is to make sure that you can point to specific character developments that arose from your achievement, no matter how small.Many folks prefer one of the multiple options of universities in this great state. These are the eight top ideas, which you may cover in your admission essay writing. The next thing you should do is to disclose the chosen concept effectively. There is no need in any in-depth researches because you write about yourself.It’s required to have outstanding academic results, nice wits, creativity, the flexibility of mind and many similar qualities. The admission committee expects an impressive piece of writing, which will convince that you should be accepted to the university. Possibly, you’ll require some assistance from our professional writing website. We would like to cast some light on this important issue. All admission officers in California wish to see your creative skill and advanced writing techniques. It’s of great importance to impress the admission committee.Admissions Hero is here to help – let’s take a look at each prompt.This essay addresses many of the themes that the prompts for the Common App do, and since the UC schools do not use the Common App, you don’t have to worry about any overlap with those essays.The University of California (UC) system comprises many of America’s best public universities.Indeed, schools from the UC system are six of Admissions Hero’s top 20 public colleges.This prompt is really asking you to talk about some of your major influences and your interactions within a group.You can certainly use your family as the base for your essay, but you should be careful to really dive deep down into your personal feelings and motivations (as opposed to getting caught up talking mostly about your family members).Because the application allows for 1000 shared words total between two prompts, there is a bit of strategy involved as to the length of each essay.If you have a stronger or more detailed answer for one of the prompts, it is okay to write more for that essay but ideally, you should devote roughly 550 words to that essay and 450 to the other one.


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