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I couldn’t cry for everything that I was leaving, because I didn’t know what to think of what was going to come.Upon my arrival at NAU the anxiety seemed to dissipate.My entry into a college after I had completed my school education was an important event in my life. I found that there is a great difference between school and college life. Some of them neglect text books but they do not miss the daily newspaper or the running commentary of a cricket match going on in some part of the world.

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According to your social status, the people you know, activities you are involved (mainly Internet Usage in College life Who would have thought that one technological advance would change the way we look at many things in life.

Who could have believed this to be true ten years ago.

The day swooped in and came almost unexpectedly when I took the biggest step that I had ever taken in my life. I left everything that I knew for the college experience. It was not the home that I had lived in for most of my life; it was merely a cocoon of what was, and what I was.

During the two hour car trip to my new home I didn’t cry once.

But in the collage I attend classes for three or four periods. College life has given a lot of political awareness; I have also got good grounding in electioneering.

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The elections to the college union, for which there a lot of canvassing gave me my first experience of democracy.But after just two months of class and dorm life, you've come face to face with all the hardships of college life and realized that a student's like is not always a happy one. You're not living solely off of mommy and daddy anymore; you've got to pay for you own stuff now.You had to buy four books just for the first semester of school In the words of character Forrest Gump, life is a box of chocolates.refrigerator, TV, VCR…), I selected school supplies, but still it didn’t seem like I was doing enough.I went to the schools web site, printed off a list of my classes, and made a schedule for the week, however I was still anxious.I then had the next three months to prepare for this step in my life. So for the summer I prepared whenever I got a chance.I picked up bedding and storage, my roommate and I made sure that we had all of the necessary appliances (i.e.They want their fines to be remitted but the principal would not accept their demands. I like the college life for it’s for its freedom, intellectual awakening and its various academic and extracurricular activities.So they would force other students to go on a strike and paralyze teaching work. I think that even after completing my education, I shall never forget the happy days I spent in the college.Graduation: the last day that I would unwillingly set foot on the fields of Horizon High School.I could feel my heart beating out of my chest, and tried so hard to keep my feet moving one after the other in order to maintain my perfect stature.


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