A Case Study Of Cloud Hosted Database Systems

A Case Study Of Cloud Hosted Database Systems-37
Because Omega Point is pulling in large amounts of data - and constantly expanding its platform to include valuable new metrics - it needed a system designed to grow and handle unstructured data with ease.This made the decision to seek out a No SQL solution an easy one, as a non-relational database would best fit Omega Point's constantly evolving schema; the company currently tracks 40,000 securities and 650 metrics (updated daily) for each stock.

Oracle is offering a rapidly growing set of its products in its cloud environment, including the flagship database, as well as building an ecosystem of third party vendors that service higher education customers from the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure environment.

N2N Services' Illuminate product, an API management platform, is now hosted in Oracle Cloud.

When N2N first developed Illuminate, on Amazon Web Services (AWS), they were surprised by the rapid increase in costs.

Some of the cost increases were because of the rapid growth of the subscribers and evolution of N2N’s development team’s efficiencies in multi-tenancy, containerization, and continuous integration model.

N2N worked with Oracle partner Keste on the migration of their solution stack, which includes dozens of Oracle Linux, My SQL, and Mongodb.

Development, test, and production environments for Illuminate were moved to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.The solution is currently used by over 200 enterprises in the United States.N2N’s Illuminate platform is hosted on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.These managers - overseeing assets ranging from the tens of millions and to billions of dollars - need efficient systems to manage and understand what's happening in their portfolios.Omega Point found that the best-performing hedge funds are those with the greatest ability to quickly and easily identify trends in the market (using data), which they then apply to their trading strategy."For a higher education institution looking to move workloads off-premise, Oracle's Cloud Infrastructure offers some unique benefits.Oracle's database offerings are pervasive in virtually all institutional environments.N2N provides web services APIs that help standardize the communication among disparate information systems.The company has roots in higher education, where many campus solutions, such as student information, learning, grades, housing, parking, and identity card management software often come from different vendors, or were developed independently in-house, and thus were unable to communicate easily and securely with one another.The company provides insightful market trend data on more than 40,000 securities.Omega Point was founded in 2013 out of a drive to democratize the quantitative capabilities used within proprietary systems at the most successful hedge funds in the world, and to build a more modern (cloud-based) software platform to deliver them.


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